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Food and wine festival 2022 fort lauderdale

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Greater Fort Lauderdale is buzzing with festivals that take place throughout the year. Here are just a few you won’t want to miss: Brazilian Festival. A two-day event held in Fort Lauderdale, this celebration includes international acts, delicious food, family fun and more. The 2021 celebration was the 10th anniversary of the event. FEBRUARY. VERITAGEMIAMI – This epic 3-day food and beverage festival attracts food, wine, beer and spirits aficionados to eat, drink and have a great time. It features three major events – Craft Beer Tasting, Bubbly Brunch and Interactive Dinner – stretching from February through spring. Florida offers a roster of year-round events along its sun-drenched coastline, from boat shows to gourmet extravaganzas and world-class motor-sports events. If you’re planning a 2022 vacation to the sunshine state, then keep on reading. Here’s our definitive guide to the top 10 must-attend events along the Florida coast. Top 10 Florida events 2022 1 [] Read the.